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Information Leaflets/Booklets

GP surgeries, health care professionals and other individuals/groups can order free information leaflets and promotional materials for any of our screening programmes online at

NSS Publications

Diabetic RetinaScreen Programme Report 2013-2015 - Download:

National Screening Service Operational Plan 2021 - Download:

BreastCheck Programme Report 2018/2019 - Download:

Diabetic RetinaScreen Statistical Bulletin 2018-2019

Year End Report 2020 - National Screening Service - Download:

Diabetic RetinaScreen Statistical Bulletin 2016-2017 - Download:

BreastCheck Programme Report 2017/2018 - Download:

BowelScreen Programme Report 2016 - 2017 - Round Two - Download:

BowelScreen Programme Statistical Bulletin 2016 – 2017 - Download:

CervicalCheck Programme Report 2016/2017 - Download:

BreastCheck Programme Report 2016/2017 - Download:

CervicalCheck Programme Report 2015/2016 - Download:

BreastCheck Programme Report 2015/2016 - Download:

BowelScreen Programme Report 2012-2015 - Download:

CervicalCheck Programme Report 2014-2015 - Download:

BreastCheck Programme Report 2014/2015 - Download:

CervicalCheck Programme Report 2013-2014

BreastCheck Programme Report 2013/2014 - Download:

CervicalCheck Programme Report 2012-2013

BreastCheck Programme Report 2012/2013 - Download:

CervicalCheck Programme Report 1 September 2011-31 August 2012

Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Colorectal Screening

CervicalCheck Programme Report 1 September 2010–31 August 2011

BreastCheck Programme Report 2010/11 - Download:

CervicalCheck Programme Report 1 September 2009–31 August 2010

Report of the International Peer Review Panel on Quality Assurance Standards for the National Colorectal Screening Programme

CervicalCheck Programme Report 1 September 2008-31 August 2009

Report of the Board of the National Screening Service January 2008-March 2010

Implementing Ireland’s First National Population-based Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme

Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Cervical Screening

BreastCheck Programme Report 2008/09 - Download:

Recommendations for a Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme in Ireland - Download:

Irish Cervical Screening Programme (ICSP) Programme Report 2007 - Download:

BreastCheck Programme Report 2007/08 - Download:

National Cancer Screening Annual Report 2007/2008
- Download

Breastcheck Annual Report 2006/2007 - Download:

Statutory Instrument - National Screening Service Board
The Statutory Instrument (S.I. No. 632 of 2006) is an official document establishing the National Screening Service Board dated on December 14, 2006.
Download (.pdf file 47kb) StatutoryInstrument-NSS-Board.pdf

A Strategy for Cancer Control in Ireland 2006
The Strategy for Cancer Control in Ireland addresses a comprehensive Cancer Control Programme in Ireland. This strategy, prepared by the National Cancer Forum was launched in September 2006, makes recommendations in relation to the organisation, governance, quality assurance and accreditation of all aspects of cancer care.
Download (.pdf file 1,500Kb) CancerControlStrategy2006.pdf

BreastCheck - Annual Report 2005 / 2006
English (.pdf file 640kb) BC2006-English.pdf
Irish (.pdf file 640kb) BC2006-Irish.pdf

Irish Cervical Screening Programme Annual Report 2005
Download (.pdf file 1,300Kb) ICSP-AReport05.pdf


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