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NCSS update - BowelScreen - The National Bowel Screening Programme

Live testing of the programme began in October to ensure that all systems and processes operate effectively and are easy to understand and follow for participants.

Following on from a successful live test, BowelScreen – The National Bowel Screening Programme will initially offer free bowel screening to men and women aged 60 to 69 years on a two-yearly cycle.

The National Cancer Screening Service must ensure that quality assurance and safety are paramount, that there is adequate capacity and that there is no impact on the symptomatic service.

To develop the capacity to cater for the full 55-74 population, the programme will be implemented on a phased basis, starting with men and women aged 60-69.

The programme will be expanded over time until the full 55-74 age group is reached, at which stage once a person becomes a part of the programme they may be a participant for up to 19 years. 

Every effort will be made to reach this target group of 500,000 men and women as quickly as possible. It is likely that the first round may take up to three years to complete, which is in line with the roll-out of the first round of screening across other international programmes.

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