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The National Cancer Screening Service (NCSS) today confirms official receipt of derogation to proceed with the necessary recruitment needed to complete national expansion of BreastCheck – The National Breast Screening Programme. Following the recent introduction of a general public sector recruitment moratorium, the NCSS had sought a number of exemptions to enable BreastCheck to complete its recruitment of a number of key posts, including radiography staff for the north west.

Following an extensive recruitment campaign, BreastCheck has identified the additional radiography staff required in order to commence the service in Counties Clare, Donegal and Leitrim. On receipt of derogation, BreastCheck can confirm that screening is now scheduled to commence in all three counties later in 2009. Eligible women (aged 50-64) are to be screened from mobile digital screening units located locally and managed by the BreastCheck Western Unit.

While BreastCheck can confirm that screening will be introduced to Counties Clare, Donegal and Leitrim later this year, the service will not speculate on expected dates for screening to commence as it is imperative that any woman with a concern regarding breast cancer immediately contacts her GP and does not await the arrival of BreastCheck. Specific screening dates will be announced once fully confirmed and never more than three months in advance.




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