Screening: Cervical Screening

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CervicalCheck - The National Cervical Screening Programme aims to reduce the number of people in Ireland who develop cervical cancer. Our screening programme is population-based. Population-based screening is where we offer a screening test to people in a target group.

In cervical screening, the target group is people with a cervix who have been sexually active and are aged 25 to 65 years old. These are the people that will benefit the most from screening.

We offer free cervical screening tests to all people aged 25 to 65 who live in Ireland.

If you're on the CervicalCheck register, we will send you a letter to remind you when your next screening test is due.

You can book your test with a GP or clinic registered with CervicalCheck when it is due.

More information on CervicalCheck can be found here.

More information about Quality Assurance can be found here.


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