New Areas of Research

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccines
On the request of the Minister for Health and Children, the Board of the NSS undertook a thorough review of the role of HPV vaccines in the prevention and control of cervical cancer.

On completion of this review, the Board recommended that the HPV vaccine has the potential to play an important long-term role in the prevention of cervical cancer and that a vaccination programme should be put in place. However vaccines do not eliminate the need for a cervical cancer screening programme as currently available vaccines do not offer protection against all types of HPV that cause cervical cancer.

NSS Expert Group on Hereditary Cancer Risk
The NSS established an Expert Group on Hereditary Cancer Risk comprising of experts in the areas of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, cancer epidemiology and medical genetics. The aim of the group is to review and evaluate international evidence regarding best practice in screening for a hereditary cancer. A report with recommendations on the organisation and development of an integrated cancer control and screening service for those with an inherited familial pre-disposition to breast and colorectal cancer has been submitted to the National Cancer Control Programme for review.

Lung Cancer Research Forum
The NSS hosted and facilitated the first ever multidisciplinary, interagency, lung cancer research forum. Participants included the Health Research Board, Science Foundation Ireland, Irish Thoracic Society, Irish Cancer Society, National Cancer Registry Ireland, National Cancer Control Programme, Office for Tobacco Control, Proactive Lung Cancer Assessment and Detection Study Group, Department of Health & Children and the All-Ireland Cooperative Oncology Research Group. The aim of the meeting was to discuss whether there was an innovative and unique research question in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of lung cancer and to allow research funders to discuss the merits of funding such a research project. Although some very interesting research ideas were shared and discussed during the meeting, potential funders attending felt that it was insufficient at this time to warrant a ‘lung cancer specific’ research call for proposal.

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